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About Us

Are you an aspiring movie director?

Making movies is your forte but you don’t know where you should make them. The location is one thing that can give most talented film makers a severe headache. When you are looking out for a place which is all inclusive in order that you can make a movie without really going out searching for a place, we suggest that you look no further!

We are here and how?!

We own a comprehensive studio which allows you to make a complete feature film (yes, you heard it right) without having to scout for any other places outside our gates.

So, whether you want a palace or you want to depict a mountainous region, we want to assure you that we are here for you and that the kind of service that we give will be really good for the value that you would expect.

We also do set customization:

If there is a requirement for your movie which does not conform to anything that we have, we like to offer our customization services to you so that you do not have to scout for outdoor or other indoor locations. With the advantage that you have to shoot your entire sequences in one place, you get the comfort of letting your crew be there in one place and not spend too much time or money or energy moving from one place to another.

Scouting locations can be a costly affair:

Getting permissions from the foreign authorities and other local bodies can be a taxing and a costly affair. Take into consideration the time and the energy that you would spend going through the procedures and you will feel that it is better that you get to shoot your entire project in one place alone.

Contact us:

If you want to know about the various outdoor and the indoor locations that we have, we suggest that you log in tour website or call our company executive who would love to come and help you with the details.